OCS , SCS & more opponent wanted


I’m looking for an opponent(s) to regularly game over VASSAL the games from the OCS & SCS series.

My ideal scenario would be to find someone in European time zone with whom to play some live action at weekends, probably doing one of the SCS games (because they are smaller) or an OCS if we could break the session in saturday/sunday or some other arrangement.

I also have interest in other games, and would like also to once per month try over VASSAL , preferably live, a different game, whether a classic from AH, SPI or others, or one of the new releases from GMT , MMP , Vae Victis or others.

If you think you can fit the bill, then please say something , I wouldn’t mind different people for different things, if I could find someone for the live game, and someone for the ‘different’ monthly game, then I would be quite happy also.

I also do PBEM, and try to keep a more beefy OCS campaign going, but that opponent is already found… :slight_smile:

Hi jmlima,

I was wondering if you’d found someone that to play OCS with yet, let me know.

Indeed I have. Thanks for the offer though.