OCS Tunisia II

Looking for a Skype/Vassal game so I can learn the system. If you can play a couple of hours and show me the ropes (I have the game and I am currently playing thru Scenario 1) that would be great. The Supply Rules have me a little confused the rest is pretty straight forward I believe, at least so far. Possibly we even finish the Scenario and continue on another? I am available most days EST time zone.

Hi, I would be interested as I am in the process of learning the system as well. Have had many titles for a long time but never really got into playing as I have been a bit too lazy to learn the supply rules properly.
I live in Dubai/ UAE so I am GMT + 4, so I guess Skype would have either of us sitting in playing in the early morning hours…
A PBEM game would be possible though, if you are interested.

Lars (“lars.wistedt01@gmail.com”)

The time difference is to great as you pointed out and I just can not envision learning the game via email. Thanks for your interest anyways.


Hi Outasync, I am also not an experienced OCS player, but have played a couple scenarios (Tunisia and Burma), can play live and perhaps learn together, but I am in GMT+1 (Stockholm), might work if you play in the afternoon and i in the evenings?