Looking for an OCS game: GBII, Beyond the Rhine, or Korea v2. Full game, but we may start with a small scenario to get the feel of it. I’m an average player with good knowledge of the rules. PBEM only, about 5 logs/week. English or French. Thanks!


I would probably describe my playing of OCS as yours - I am getting to grips and playing some games but I still feel I have a lot to learn. I have GBII and Beyond the Rhine but have played neither so far. I have played Reluctant Enemies, Sicily II, Tunisia II and an intro scenario of Burma - all of which I think are excellent.

My current game commitments would mean a slower rate than yours - I would guess maybe 2 to 3 logs a week. If thats acceptable let me know and we can see if we can find something to get started. From the ones you mention I would suggest a smaller BtR scenario to get into it. I would need to get up to speed on the exclusives. But if you fancy something from the others I mention I am more up to speed and would be happy to replay.

PM sent.

Opponents found, thanks!