Looking for a VASSAL PBeM opponent for any of the following:

Hube’s Pocket - Scenario 2 - Campaign Game Start
The Blitzkrieg Legend - Scenario 6.4 - Mini Campaign
Case Blue - Scenario 7.9 - Drive For Oil
Tunisia II - Scenario 4 - Kasserine Campaign Start
Sicily II - Scenario 6 - Triumph and Folly
Beyond The Rhine - Scenario 6.5 - Bulge Campaign Start

I would like to apply some artillery house rules. We can hash this out via PM.

I’m perhaps a 4 out of 10 playing OCS but am quite knowledgeable with VASSAL.


would you like to play Sicily II - I would need the rules.

I just bought Tunisia II, I have never played an OCS game before. I am working on teaching myself the system. So if you’re willing to put up with a complete newbie, I’m willing to get stomped.