Odd saved scenario behavior??

I think I don’t understand something
SFB Cadet module
I have 12 scenarios defined and saved.

I’ve updated the module multiple times to get it where it is. Mostly done. I just need to learn to do two more things to consider it complete.

  • move piece to hex grid location - not vital but would make setting up games a tad easier. Seems to be a broken function see viewtopic.php?f=3&t=8345

  • A simultaneous action dialogue similar to the Delayed tab of the notes window. - not critical but would make things easier see viewtopic.php?f=6&t=8681

Neither is what this post is about. Those are just the last two things to do until I consider the module complete.

What I need help with is the saved scenarios.
Something odd is happening.
I load up most scenarios fine, however scenario 3 has no option to select the Federation player like it used to. At first I panicked and thought I messed up the Fed player definition but Fed is available for new games and for other scenarios. So I went through the list of scenarios and there are other instances.

scenario 3, no fed select
scenario 4, no klingon select
Scenario 4 FULL, no fed select
scenario 5, no klingon select
scenario 7, no klingon select
scenario 9, no fed select
scenario 11, no Fed select
scenario 12 I have somehow overwritten with scenario 11

I need to understand if I misunderstand.

If I make and save a game and input that into a predefined setup, is that available to all who load the scenario, or is it only available to me?
Ohh crap wait. Maybe I forgot to retire from the Sides that are missing and they are thus locked. No that doesn’t make sense they should be available to me… Oh wait I just changed the user handle I log in under from SFB_Addict to SFB_Cadet_Mod_creator.

Ok I THINK I answered my own question. I’ll leave the post up in case someone else makes the same dumb mistake as me.

Yep, that was it. I forgot to RETIRE before saving the game to be included as a scenario.