off board and pice resizing? help please! =)

hello im making a module for vassal and i have ran into 2 problems…
1st, when i create a module and drag pieces from the list to the board it says they were created in the “off board” why is that? i play other modules and it never says that, how do i make my board not a “off board” and just a normal map/board?

2nd I have played a couple modules and see that the pieces can shrink once u drag them from the piece selection pallet onto the actual game board and then hover over them with your mouse and they become there normal size again. so my question is how do i make a game piece that can fit into a hex and then u hover over the pice with your mouse and it becomes the propper size…
For example im trying to make it so you can place a large game piece into a hex and then hover over it and you see an enlarged picture of the piece…
please help me im having a hard time with both problems


Have you set up a grid of some kind on the board? If you haven’t established a grid or zones or region points or something on the map, you’ll always get an “off board” message as you haven’t named the area the piece is moving to.

Pieces don’t shrink when you put them on a map. If it appears as if a piece has gotten smaller when you put it on the map, then it’s because you are viewing the map at less than 100% zoom and, consequently, the piece will look smaller as well.

To view the piece full size by holding the mouse over it, look in the [Map Window] tree in the editor and you’ll see an option for “Mouse-over Stack Viewer”. The properties on this will allow you to control the view when you hold a mouse over pieces on that map.

ok, thank you sooo much, it is greatly disappointing that i cant have pieces auto fit into a hex grid reguardless of size =(
but thank you for your help i greatly appreciate it =)