Offer of debugging assistance

Hi all,

This is a message aimed at the developers of VASSAL and the modules. I’ve recently been using VASSAL quite a lot, playing Blitzkrieg Legend, and a number of issues encouraged me to download the development environment and source code. Anyway, after tracking down some issues and posting my findings, it occurred to me that I could offer a little more useful assistance and track down some of those sorts of bugs that might eat into the developers’ time. Being new to the engine and module source, I may not understand enough to suggest ‘proper’ fixes, but I can probably find the causes. After all, bug tracking is a process all of its own and can be time consuming.

Anyway, can I be of assistance? If yes, is there a priority list of bugs to be addressed? I took a look at the bug database, which just seemed to be a big list, so I assume someone is acting as the development focus and knows what’s important to the road map.