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my e-mail gaming partner had to download vassal after some problems, and now he cant load our old PBEM-Files.

What is the problem and how can we fix it?

I think a description of the problem might help.

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2008/12/10 Liverbirds <messages@forums.vassalengine.org (messages@forums.vassalengine.org)>

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Thus spake “Liverbirds”:

You haven’t described the problem in sufficient detail for us to help you.
We need answers to at least these questions in order to make an educated
guess as to what’s wrong:

  1. What version of VASSAL were the files saved with?
  2. What version of VASSAL is your friend using now?
  3. What module are you using?
  4. In what way do the old files fail fail when your friend tries to load them?


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