One More Needed!

Looking for another player for a CIRCUS MAXIMUS game.

Are you the athletic type that has the need to strap on a leather helmet and and race headlong down a dirt road as fast as you can?

Do you want to find yourself looked upon as a god-like figure when you raise your arm in a salute to the crowd of 200,00 plus?

Do you heal quickly from untimely accidents?

If you answered yes to any of these questions, you are needed immediately to sign up for THE CIRCUS MAXIMUS LADDER
Click Here —>

Besides the Circus Maximus Rules that you all know and love, there are a few special skills given to each individual Faction that you as a ladder player can sign up for. You’ll need to sign-up fast to get the best one!

You can peruse the public folder <----HERE

to see some of the files that will be of interest to you when you sign up.