opaque cup

Is there a way for a map to act like an opaque cup for random counter draws? I’d like to make one map named opaque cup. It would contain no counters at start. During the game the player would place a group of counters into the cup and draw one. The player would then remove the undrawn counters from the cup so that the cup would be ready to use for the next random draw.

The use of opaque cups is pretty popular in games.

The only way that I’ve learned to make random draws is to start with an at start deck. I guess I’m asking for a way to make a deck during the game and be able to remove the undrawn counters quickly.

I’ve searched for the answer to this question and couldn’t find it. So my apologies if I’m overlooking something obvious. At the very least I’ve now contributed a message with the words opaque cup in it so others like me can easily find the answer.

Thanks very much.

It sounds like what you want to do is a variation of using decks to create random draws from a pool of cards.

You can do that by creating a deck called Opaque Cup and set it to always shuffle. You can then attach a Marker trait to all the pieces that you would want to throw into the cup …something like CardType = RandomDraw.

You could then set a trigger somewhere (like a button) that would throw all pieces with that marker trait into the cup, draw one and then have a trigger that would pull them all back out again.

The Return to Deck trait is what you would want to use to move pieces/cards between decks.

The trait name “Return to Deck” is sort of a misnomer as you can use that trait to send cards to any deck …not necessarily the deck they came from. Probably should be named “Send to Deck”. It’s not uncommon for me to have several Return to Deck traits on one card. This gives me the options of sending a card to any one of several decks depending on the situation.

Does that help?

It does. Thank you. I’ll try it out.