Open a private Window at start

Hi, I’m designing a module with a lot of optional rules. So I create a window with the possibility to place counters on different boxes. This will setup some Global poperties and my units menu will appear accordingly to the options choosen;
But, of course, the players have to setup the options first so I would like the window to open at the start of the module, is this possible ?

From the module level, Add Startup Global Key Command which will initiate a startup command (that you define) every time someone joins the game.

You will need to define a control piece which will hold your startup logic and that you will target from the Startup GKC.

Within the startup logic you can define a Global Hotkey trait to bring the window up.
You will likely need some means of bypassing the startup logic once the game is up and running and probably will want to have some means of bringing up the config window manually (e.g. hotkey or toolbar button).


Thanks, works perfectly. I didn’t grab the distinction between hotkey and command…

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