Open notes window not reset if a new Predefined Setup is opened

To reproduce:

Open a module with predefined setups that uses the Notes window - e.g. Commands & Colors: Napoleonics.
Open a scenario, open the Notes window.
Leaving the notes window open, close the scenario - Notes window stays on screen.
Open a new scenario, notice the notes window still shows for the previous scenario.
Close notes window and re-open - the notees window still contains content for the previous scenario.

saving the scenario game at this point will save it with the old / invalid notes content.

I can’t reproduce this. When close a scenario with the Notes window open, the contents are cleared.

I can’t see what I’ve done differently but I now get the same result as you, @uckelman - I especially didn’t see the contents clear before, but sure enough they do now I try to reproduce it. When a new scenario opens up, that scenario’s notes appear instead. Perfect, in fact.

I’ve tried it different ways - use same module as before, start with a new scenario, save it, use editor or players etc… can’t get any bad result. I’ll keep an eye out but at the moment I can’t prove I even saw what I reported :frowning: