Open Recent - transient error?

I was re-visiting an old log file for a test of an interim Vassal build with Flying Colors v2.5.4 (download from module page). The following Open Recent… menu contents was available:

I tried using these but Vassal reported that the files were not recognised as game or log files. The same files opened ok when I next tried to open via the “File-Load Game or Log” menu option.

These log files were created under Flying Colors v2.6.0beta2. If opened directly (File…Open ) under v2.5.4, a bunch of errors are reported to chat (as expected), but the log file will open - normal behaviour for Vassal. Maybe that was the reason. However, I can’t replicate the problem, so I suspect instead a cloud storage or OS-related anomaly.

I’m reporting this here in case anyone sees the error again.