Opening window on load with Startup Global Key Command

Hi, I have a structure as follows:

Disclaimer Window Menu [Chart Window Menu]
→ Disclaimer Chart [Chart]

The “Disclaimer Window Menu” has a hotkey assigned of CTRL D

I have also defined
Open Disclaimer [Startup Global Key Command]

“Open Disclaimer” has the key command set to “CTRL D” and report format set to “Disclaimer displayed”

When I open the module, the chat window displayed “Disclaimer displayed”, but the disclaimer window never opens. If I hit CTRL D, the window does open.

Do I need to have something in the matching properties?

Thanks for any assistance.

The [Startup Global Key Command] is not the same as a Global Hotkey nor does it provide a hotkey field like you will find in the standard [Global Key Command]

You could try and relay the [startup GKC] to the standard [GKC] and activate the hotkey through it using the same key command