Operation Player Determination in Pacific War Module

Could we prevent the reaction player from guessing the duration of the opposing operation?
Can we imagine a program allowing the following calculation:
Each of the 2 players enters secretly the program with an amount of command points taking into account the duration of the operation (cost of the operation x2 for 3 weeks and x3 for 4 weeks) and its level. The level of strategic initiative is also entered. The program reveals who won the auction. Then the reaction player enters secretly into the program the level of intelligence of the operation (operational intelligence condition). Output: the program determines the maximum amount of command points that the reacting player can spend without revealing the exact amount of the bid of the player in operation so that the reaction player does not necessarily guess the level of the operation.
Example: The Japanese player bets to activate 30 combat unit command points (operation level 2) over 4 weeks with the South HQ. That is 132 points. His initiative is for example at 3, he will be the player in operation if the Allied player bets less than 147 points. But with the standard rules if the Japanese player tells his opponent that his reaction will be level 1, the Allied player, since he knows the amount of the Japanese bid, will understand that this bid is a result produced by a multiplication. Whereas if he does not know the amount of this bid, he can only rely on the amount of his own bid. What do you think?

Perhaps a button to enter, then reveal the Operation Bidding could be added. As to tipping off your opponent as to the size of an operation only adds to the drama and anxiety of the game.

When points are saved up for a future operation then suddenly your opponent bids with 200+ points! Hold on to your hat :wink:

PS: Forgot about the delayed notes in the game for bidding. A button for bidding not needed.