Opponent Needed - Several Games From Which to Choose

I am interested in starting up a game PBEM (with some live optional) for one of the following games:

A Victory Denied
SCS: Afrika II or Fallschirmjaeger
Avalanche Press SWWAS: Coral Sea
None But Heroes
Pacific War
EastFront II

I live in Seattle, and have Mondays and many Fridays free (for live play if desired).

I have two PW games going but could do another. Where would you feel comfortable starting (Battle/Campaign/etc?)

I am interested to learn Pacific War if you are willing to take on someone who has never played.

audiemurphy67- thanks for the reply. I currently have several different games lined up from the above, and don’t think I can take on another at this time. If anything changes, I will contact you. Thanks for the response, and I hope you find a game.