Opponent Request


I am a newcomer to Vassel and would like to give it a go to play a PBEM game. Unfortunatley from the list I only seem to have WAS / VITP or End of the Iron dream / Midway ( XTR ).

If need be however I will get a copy of the game in question if anyone wants to play somethng else. I am intrested in WWI /WW2 /ACW and prefer operational rather than tactical.

Any one intrested please contact me.


John G

Hello John,
Your interests seem to overlap pretty well with mine. I am relatively new to Vassal but am getting the hang of it. I am just about to go on holiday for a week but if you are still looking for a game when I get back we can maybe fix something up. If you look back in this forum to “Another vassal newbie” you will see I posted a list of the games I own.


Dear Bryan,

Thanks for your reply I will have a look at your list and compare it to mine then perhaps we could start a game on your return.

Have a good holiday and thanks again


I am also in the UK, here’s my list if it’s any use:

1960: The Making of the President
A Victory Lost (have rules but no experience)
Battles for the Ardennes (have rules but no experience)
Breakout: Normandy (have rules but no experience)
Lock 'N Load: Band of Heroes (have rules but no experience)
Russian Campaign, The
Turning Point: Stalingrad (have rules but no experience)
Twilight Struggle
World at War: Eisenbach Gap
World at War: Death of the First Panzer

I’d be happy to start playing A Victory Lost, but I have no experience.
Please feel free to pm me in case you’d like to start a pbem match.