Opponent Wanted: The Burning Blue, Unhappy King Charles


Is anyone interested in a The Burning Blue, or Unhappy King Charles, or Fab: The Bulge PBEM game?

It would be my first game for anyone of the titles, so be forewarned :slight_smile:
And I can guarantee a not veru fast pace (1-2 move per week)

Let me know :slight_smile:



ill play FAB or king charles
im new to the games too though

Hi! I’ll be happy to play… Unhappy King Charles (pun not intended :stuck_out_tongue:).

Please would you be so kind to provide the setup? I’m a little swamped in the next couple of days, so take all the time you need.
I’ll play either side with no problem, since it is my first plat at all…

Let me know!


P.S. You can write me back at fabio.patricolo @ gmail dot com

I’d love to learn the Burning Blue as well. I’m up for a game if you are. It would be my first, too. My pace is similar to yours, so no problem there.