Opponents for Through the Ages


I am looking for opponents for Through the Ages at Vassal.
I prefer to live play, but can consider play by e-mail.
I prefer 2 or 3 player games.
The games are preferably played in 2-3 occasions 1-3 hours each session, but 1 occasion games are also OK.
I am very flexible with when to play during daytime or in the evenings central european time (GMT+2).

Best regards

I’m interested. I’ve not played before, but I own the game and thus can read the rules.


I played several times to this fantastic game, but ever with the boardgame.

I like to play again, and by Vassal.
I play some games with ciberboard but never with vassal.


Great, let’s play a game sometimes soon then, perhaps all three. You can suggest some times (the more times you suggest the more probable we can get a match) at my e-mail: che-yuan.liang@nek.uu.se, which is most likely the best way of communication for me. Saturdays and Sundays are good days if we want to pick up other players at Vassal.

Meng: Through the Ages is quite complicated, reading the rules is therefore necessary before playing. But I don’t mind playing with beginners.

Alarkham and Meng: It may be a good idea to download and have a look at the Vassal Throught the Ages interface and controls before playing.


I can play everey eveneing, saturday an sunday too.
Today I can try to dawnload the game for vassal and take a look.

I tell you something about this platform soon.


Great, lets play a game tomorrow evening, or any of the two following evenings then?

i can play saturday evening, if you can,

If we are only two player’s my gerlfriend can play too.

I need to play¡¡¡¡¡

p.d. Where ara you from?
I’m from Spain (barcelona)

Saturday evening sounds good. How about 7 CET summer time? With moderate pace, we may be able to finish in one occasion.

You girlfriend are welcome to join, then we are already three, a good number for this game.

Cool, Barcelona is very nice, been there twice. I am from Uppsala, Sweden.