Opponents wanted for combat commander - newbie

Hi. I’m looking to test both my skill and my rules understanding of this fantastic game that is combat commander europe. I only played three matches solo.
I live in Italy so my time zone is GMT + 1. But I don’t mind late night hours, especially if we can save… ;-)

that’s all! thanks!


I could try to accommodate you, but I must play PBEM only, AND…

I have never played this game before (do have the rules and am interested), nor have I completed a Vassal contest.

If you could exercise some patience w/ all this we could try.

Regards, Casp

Hi Casp,

Casp wrote:

I’m in almost the same situation - I have played on Vassal before, but
never yet played Combat Commander, and find it difficult to schedule
live play.

If you’re willing to try and learn together, I’d be interested to give
it a go.


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I’ll throw my name in as well as another CC:E newbie looking to give it a shot. I have only played solo games so far.

I can do PBEM and might be able to pull off the occasional live game (GMT-5, evenings).