Opponents Wanted - Most WW2 board games..

I like a lot of WW2 board games and now looking for players online as harder to get face-to-face for me atm. Have played PoW, BtoB, Caucasus Campaign, Europe Engulfed, and many more.

I have room for pbem using vassal with BtoB if you wish to play that way. Send me a pm if so.

Greig ggoodfellow@telus.net

Hello Iam new here. I don’t know any of the abbreviations yet. I have been a wargamer for quite a few years. However this vassal is all new to me. I still havn’t figured out how to play a game in real time. Any help would be greatly appreciated. My email address is

What was BtoB again?

BtoB is Barbarossa to Berlin