Opponet Wanted for Memoir '44

Have played it many times. Looking to schedule times.

I just got back into VASSAL…I used to play ASL, but now I just bought Memoir '44. This game so much better and enjoyable. If you don’t mind playing the beginning scenerio’s, I can play on any set schedule you want. Just let me know if your still around… :smiley:


I play Memoir44 PBEM a couple of moves a day (I’m retired) with opponants here in Georgia USA and Italy. Let me know and I will send you a game. I am still something of a rookie.

Sure doug, I’d love to PBEM. My e-mail address is now displayed. I’m not used to the mechanics of PBEM, but I learn fast :smiley:

Jeezz! I found out that Memoir '44 sucks…lol. This is going on E-bay! :angry:

Memoir '44 is an OK introductory wargame; But way, way too light and random for PBEM in my opinion. It’s a game which really wants to be played inside 45 minutes max; And having to attach log-files for e-mailing isn’t really worth the effort for something so light and random. Unless you’re a hardcore M’44 shark! :smiley: