Opposing views of a map

Total newb on vassal. Its not user friendly but willing to put work in.

I am making a card game and want the map (table) to be viewed from 2 (and 4 for a 4 player version) sides.

From what I can tell, vassal might not have the capability to see the card layout from 2 or 4 different perspectives.

Is it possible to actually have the cards cloned in some automated manner to be distributed on different maps (tables).

Or am I missing how to place a single piece on 2 maps in different zones?

You should download a module that has playing cards in it and edit the module and see how they did it.

The ones I have checked out keep the same view for multiple players and just private hands but I will check them all just to be sure.

I am thinking that at-start stacks with multiple layers (one for each card, back and transparent) will work better than cards for view purpose.

The actual cards would remain hidden but be dealt to assign values for the at-start stacks.

That way, one player would see a card in the upper left (for example) while the player that sits opposite at the table would see the same card in the lower right. Both would have personal tables (maps) for the different layout views of the same cards.

Again, not sure if this has been done on vassal before but thanks for suggesting a more exhaustive search than the handful of card games I have checked.

If you have encountered anything like multiple boards displaying the “same” pieces, counters, tokens or cards from multiple POV please let me know so I can check it out.

I would be interested in the same ability for the chess board in Chess War.

You are basically describing the ability to rotate the entire board. The current software doesn’t have that feature.