Orders for Simultaneous Mvt

I’m playing a Trireme (AH) with Vassal. The game includes simultaneous mvt and players must write their mvt orders before the mvt phase. The module include an orders window where players write their orders as notes in the “delayed” section. But when the orders should be revealed at the end of mvt phase both players cannot see the opponent’s planned orders even if both players click on “revealed” key in the notes/delayed section. May anybody help ? Thank you in advance.

While you can get either the JRE (Java Runtime Environement) or the JDK (Java Developer Kit), I recommend that you get the JRE since it’s smaller and sufficient. Also take note that Vassal only supports up to version 8 for now, with plans of being compatible with version 9 some time in the future.

Vassal 5 will support VR headsets.