organizing a module with several maps

In Weltkrieg Series each game comes with its own map (or two). Each game comes with its own scenario.

You may also combine several maps into one big scenario or even you may combine them all into life-changing experience.

How would you organize modules / maps to make most convenient for players?

I’d be interested in knowing how to do that as well!
The thing is that I’m working on a homemade wargame about toy soldiers battles at home, at school… I can work with single maps for most of the time, but I was planning to do a “holiday” and am making a map based on these hotels for sale in Spain, and I am hesitating between making one big map with 2 to 3 rooms and the corridor, or 2-3 separate ones; I’d prefer the second option since it allows to do separate missions on different “battlefields”, but only if I can later on link said maps together.