Hey guys. Just downloaded Vassal and hoping to have some gaming fun. I’m new to OSC and looking to play either Reluctant enemies or Sicily. I am currently involved in a physical game of RE as the commonwealth player.


I would be happy to play you PBEM - and I don’t mind which game - RE is a favourite…

(PS It take it you mean OCS - Operational Combat Series)

I am fairly new to OCS and I am looking for Vassal/Skype game. I have a flexible schedule… time zone is east coast of Florida. Currently playing Sicily II scenario 4 solo.

I would be willing to teach some OCS, any game. PBEM only though.

I would also be looking for an opponent, any game, only PBEM.
I have played OCS on several occasions (TBL, GBII, Sicily)

Another interested i OCS system.
Now playing my furst game Reluctant Enemies face to face…
I would like to probe TUNISIA II or any other.