Out Of Date Custom Code error

Included log file. See errors there, but don’t know if they are responsible for the error message.
Also, given the errors in the log file, how would I identify and remove the components?

Can supply more information if necessary.

I see this has been addressed before regarding Pzb-Pzl36p08.vmod.
I see the wga sub-directory of the extracted vmod file.

Can I simply delete this file, or use some other process?

(Though I saw you posted an updated module, I’ve made updates to this module and would thus like to retain my current version of the module if possible.)


It looks like you didn’t manage to attach your error log, so I can’t advise about what to do.

Sorry. I thought it had been attached. Second try …

Original attempt didn’t like the extension, of which there was none (I guess this is how the file is written). Converted to a .txt file.

Seemed to work this time.

So this message:

2021-06-10 17:25:51,089 [7148-AWT-EventQueue-0] WARN VASSAL.tools.ProblemDialog - Deprecated VASSAL function VASSAL.build.GameModule.getFrame called from custom code method wga.WgaNotesWindow$NotesDialog.. This VASSAL method is scheduled to be removed after 6-Aug-2021.

I don’t know what’s in wga.WgaNotesWindow.NotesDialog, but whoever maintains that should update it to use GameModule.getPlayerWindow() instead of GameModule.getFrame().

Cross posted from the Vassal 3.4.3 Errors loading Pzb-Pzl36p08.vmod thread:

I had the same problem.
I replaced the wga folder in my older Pzb-Pzl36p08b.vmod with the one from Pzb-Pzl37.vmod provided by Brent Easton.
Then it seemed to work.

you replaced the wga folder in
Your old Pzb-Pzl36p08b.vmod in the folder from Pzb-Pzl37.vmod to what? I almost understood.
Thank you

Not simple, but:

  1. I downloaded Pzb-Pzl37.vmod
  2. I unziped my Pzb-Pzl36p08b.vmod (substitute your current PBBL module)
  3. I deleted the wga folder from my unzipped Pzb-Pzl36p08b.vmod (substitute your current PBBL module)
  4. I also unzipped my downloaded Pzb-Pzl37.vmod
  5. I copied the wga subdirectory from my unzipped Pzb-Pzl37.vmod into my unzipped Pzb-Pzl36p08b.vmod (substitute your current PBBL module) from which I had previously deleted the wga folder.
  6. I then zipped my Pzb-Pzl36p08b.vmod (substitute your current PBBL module) and used it.

Naturally, do all this in new, separate folders until you make sure everything is correct and working.

You don’t necessarily have to actually un-zip any of the vmod modules. Just change their vmod file descriptor to .zip to perform all these activities, and then change the descriptor back to .vmod when you are finished.