Pandemic--bottom of infection deck?

How do I draw from the bottom of the infection deck? I see there is a space on the game board for the “Bottom of the Infection Deck”, but I don’t know how to put cards there, nor how to draw from the bottom.

Do I have to just move each card individually off the top until I get to the bottom and then replace them face down?

There must be an easier way.


At the beginning of the game, after you shuffle the Infection Discard Pile and place it on the Infection Deck, click to drag the top 4, 5, or 6 cards (depending on how many Epidemics you’re playing with) of the Infection Deck to the space marked “Bottom of Discard Pile.”

Later in the game, when you draw an Epidemic card, then take the top card from the “Bottom of the Discard Pile.” Thie is a much easier method in Vassal than actually digging to the bottom of the Infection Deck. And both methods - drawing from the bottom or putting cards on Greenland - accomplish exactly the same thing.

Thanks for playing! (And if you like Pandemic, don’t forget to buy a copy from Z-Man Games!)

Ah, thanks, that makes sense!

I have an order for the game at my FLGS, just waiting for it to come in. Can’t wait!