Pandemic game

looking to play some pandemic by email. Anyone interested?

I have one other player. Any other takers?

I’m interested.

Cool. I haven’t heard from the first guy since his first pm so it only the two of us so far. Do you want to play the base scenario or one of the ones from On the brink? Random Roles?

I’m not familiar with OtBrink yet, and I’ve yet to play an email game on Vassal, so I’d rather go with something I’m quite familiar with. Random roles is fine, or picking, I don’t mind.

Here is the First Turn.
This is my first PBEM game so I hope I doing this right.

Nevermind I setup the game wrong. I fix it soon.

We’ll figure it out together, no worries about speed.

Here is the a zip of the setup and first turn. If you care about the setup: start a new offline game and load the “3 player setup.vlog” file followed by the “3 player setup + infection.vlog”(I forgot to do the initial infection before closing the log file). If you just want to get started load the “Game is Setup.vsav” file and then run through the “Pandemic Player 1 Turn 1.vlog” file. I’ve also included the game saved up to the end of the first turn.

Jeremiah is player two, and Lachre is player three. Remember to change your side so that you can manipulate your own hand.

I didn’t know how you guys wanted to receive the log files so I posted them here. If you want a different method let me know.

Also The game is the standard scenario with normal difficulty. The only thing from “on the brink” we’re playing with is the new roles and new special events.

My apologies for the delay on this, I was unexpectedly away for a few days. I’m working on my turn right now.

I thought I saved the Log, but apparently I didn’t.

Let me know if this works out.

So on your turn:
You used you special ability to move to Taipei
treated Taipei
moved to Hong Kong
built a research station
baghdad and essen infected

did I miss anything?

I drew two cards, but that’s an ‘of course’. That’s all. I’ll try to ensure I get a log next time. We should probably do this via email too, as long as that’s fine for you guys.

The attachment is a logfile of my turn. In case you’re unfamiliar with those, they load just like savefiles do (the format of the file includes the state of the game at the time you create the logfile). You can use page-down or the button at the top-left of the game window to play through my turn and see what I did.

To summarize, I have 3 black city cards, so am heading to Asia, doing cures along the way. One of those cures was an important purge of DC using my medic ability to get rid of all the blue cubes there.

I drew an infection card and had to infect Toronto.

I drew the Forecast special event, but am saving it for later in the game.

Yeah You can email me your turns. My email is listed in my profile. I’ll need your address though which you haven’t posted

Since this module doesn’t stop us from looking at each others hands and you can just change to solitaire mode to move cards between players. I was wondering what rules do you guys want to play with. No looking at each others hands(as stated by the original rules) enforced by the honor system? Looking but not touching and trades occur by players placing cards on the game board? Agreed upon trades can be placed and taken from another players hands? I only ask to speed up the card trade process as my role’s only ability is taking cards from other players.

So Let’s talk strategy:
I have two black cards in my hand so if I can close to Lachre. I could use my role’s ability to take all three of his black in three actions and then I could use my atlanta card to go straight there and my next turn create a cure for black. and If I draw get any extra blacks Lachre can use one I don’t take and eradicate the black disease pretty easy.

Now that we’ve had one epidemic, outbreaks are highly likely. The current problem spots are the areas around our research stations. We should try to alleviate these areas in the next two turns as we know that the next epidemic is not going to come until for three turns at least(1 epidemic in every 10 cards).

Here’s my thoughts on what I should do for my turn: Go to Atlanta, Use my Special orders event card to control Lachre using a direct flight to get him to me, and take as many black cares from his hand as I can and on my next turn create a cure for black. This allows Lachre to get to the blue diseases quicker on his turn as well. What do you guys think?

That all sounds good, taking care of what looks to be the nastiest first.

Regarding the rules, I’m happy to play with ‘open’ hands. We’re playing cooperatively, and we’re getting used to doing this via email, so I don’t think we need to stick to not looking at each other’s hands. Let’s try to stay away from the ‘you do this, then then’ kind of talk (which we haven’t done as of yet, which is good), as that’s what the hand restriction is (at least in part) there to stop.

I’ve sent on my email to FalloutMonkey, as email is easier/quicker (at least for me) to access.

I was going on the assumption that we were following the strictest sense of the rules - meaning that you are allowed to tell people what’s in your hand, but you cannot show them. I’m not sure I see a difference. Since working together is key, players will notify others of important changes to their hand anyways. This kind of thing matters in a face-to-face game, but in PBEM it might just get irritating. I vote we just have full visibility of hands, at least until we get a few games under our belt and get our coordination efforts practiced.

I don’t have a problem giving automatic permission to take cards from my hand. If for some reason I don’t want a player to do that, I’ll just specify. For example, right now I don’t want any of the black cards taken from my hand since I started with 3 right off the bat. The Foresee card I don’t mind if someone takes.

My email is in my profile, but I’ll list it here, too: