Pandemic - Slight error in Setup Screen

First of all I’d like to thanks the developers of this module, and to Z-Man, for allowing me to try this game that I have yet to be able to purchase, as I surely will after having tried it out with Vassal. I think this module is an excellent marketing tool.

I did however notice a slight mistake in the Setup screen. In the distribution of cards per number of players it seems that you have switched the numbers for the 2 Player game thus repeating “4 Players = 2 cards each” instead of writing “2 Players = 4 cards each”.

I took the liberty of correcting this and uploaded the file (as it is slightly over 256K) for inclusion in a future version of the module. You can find it at: … b.rar.html

Password for the compressed RAR is: pandemic

Thanks again and keep up the excellent job.

Thanks for this! I’ll update the module soon!

This is a great implementation of the game. Thank you very much for creating it. A couple of suggestions for improvement…

[b]smaller meeples, or use pawns like in the actual game

smaller research stations… a simple red cross would be fine

slightly bigger disease cubes, or at least make them easier to grab without sometimes grabbing a drag box

if there is some way to automate the setup without having to drag every card into the separate decks, that would be terrific

remove the little card back images from the other side of the cards, so you can read the whole name of the cities[/b]

Otherwise, it plays terrifically well! 8)