Panzer Command

I am due to get Panzer Command in a trade soon. I am casting about for an opponent for this game, especially interested in the West Front variants in the VASSAL module PC-2 but really in the entire game system so all the scenarios are open for me. Play would start in a week or three when I get my game copy and have something more concrete to learn the rules from.

I do now have this game in my hot little hands. The PC-2 vassal module has some extremely interesting extra material. Very eager to try this. It is a poor man’s “Devil’s Cauldron”.

I have a few scenarios converted from the many that are posted on the PanzerBlitz site. (I haven’t posted them because these conversions might require some tuning.)

If you want to try one sometime, drop me a line at:

niswongerg @ (Remove spaces in e-mail address)

Greg N.

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