Panzer Furor 0.0.a.27

There has been a lot of bug fixes, re-balancing, change of sequence of play. So much I can’t enumerate yet. There is a lot yet to happen but the current version is solid and quite fun the play, either solitaire or online against an opponent.

The game no longer requires VASSAL 3.2.8 be installed, yet it will work with it. There is PanzerFuror.bat for windows users and for linux users you can use to launch the game. VASSAL is integrated into it. So just unzip the file and fire up the .bat file and you are good to go.

The game is diverging significantly from the original concept.

The base game is feature complete except for the following items:

Documentation, documentation …
Scenarios. Need lots of them and help if people want to make map packs and scenario packs. I have two stock ones.
API descriptions for the above.

Engineering function are scheduled for 0.0.a.28. Right now engineers only assist in close assaults but demolitions, and other things engineers do will be in this update.
Aircraft for 0.0.a.29. I have some great ideas on thjis.
Support for multiple generals per side.
MMO way down the line.

It looks a lot like PL/PB but that’s where the game diverges.

A lot of alpha testing is needed. I have forums and such set up.

Some screenshots from an ad-hoc scenario I’ve testing recently.

Download from unzip, fire up PanzerFuror.bat or (on Linux) and you’re good to go.

Dynamic combat table.

Version 0.0.a.29.2 is available at