Panzergrüppe Guderian & Path of Glory

Looking for opponents for two classics.

PG is well suited for PBEM. It is just necessary to have a rule about how to resolve the A1 and A2 results (split German panzer divisions, priority to retreat to own board edge, etc).

Path of Glory is a great design. I have seen many requests to play it. PoG is better suited for live VASSAL/Discord. I can play every other or every third Sunday. I live in CET (Central European Time).

You may send me a message or contact me at mail.vasl (at)

I am interested in playing both games. I only do live though.

Live ok. We may try PoG first. Does CET suite you? Sundays? Contact me at my mail address.

Still looking for opponents. Also Turning Point:Stalingrad is of interest. An old gem. PBEM or live. Contact me at the mail address above.

For live VASSAL/Discord, living in Europe is probably the most practical.