Pasting numbers problem

If I do the following:
Copy a number from an external document, and it appends one or more spaces (eg "1234 ") and
Paste it into any numeric field of a deck or at-start stack setup,
then Vassal ignores what I paste and reverts back to the original value.

For example, an at-start stack has “0” in the X Position field, and I paste into it "1234 ". I press OK and exit. Then I re-edit the at-start stack. The X Position field has reverted back to 0.

If I strip the trailing blanks after I paste, nothing goes wrong. If I manually type "1234 ", nothing goes wrong. So far I’ve found the problem only in numeric fields of decks and at-start stacks, but I’ve checked only a small sampling of others.

You are pasting in a non-numeric string. Exactly the same thing happens if you paste in xyz.

Good point. I didn’t think of white space as being important.