Paths of Glory

Where are the Neutral Nation units?

Both the CP and AP have their own separate force pool windows–look in those.

I started the Paths of Glory file with “New Game” – “Solo”. No units are placed on the map and the Neutral Nations are not in the Force Pools.
If I had started the PoG file with “Standard Setup”, the Neutral Nations are already placed on the map and are not in the Force Pools. Per the game rules, Neutrals are NOT setup until they are activated.

They’re put out there purely as a convenience for the user, along with markers that show the country is Neutral.

When you choose the “New Game” option, it is normal for the map to be empty. That choice is for scenario construction only, and would not normally be used by players unless you want to tinker with something. The neutral nations don’t appear because they are in a hidden piece palette.

This module has a fair number of problems that I’ve been working on intermittently for a few months now.

Thank you for your quick response! I will start again with the “Standard Game” selection.

Our table-top game proceeded until GT13 when we had to pick-up. So I transferred the progress to VASSAL until we could play again.