Pax Baltica

¿Someone interested?

I would like to play in real time, i’m in CET.

I’m interested, but first of all I will need to learn the rules, or you can teach me if you are okay. If you dont want to play with a novice its okay, I will just pass.

Ah I forgot to say that I’m in EST time…

I ve played only one time before, so we are all new really.

Rules are easy and short:

About times, there is an important time differences, i´m at GMT +1, and you should be like -5 GMT, so assuming i’m right witch times, i can start to play later 20-22 CET, so later 14 EST, until 24/01 CET times.

Up to you if you can do times, i’m up to try.

Okay wich date will you be ready? I can play the 23th march 2014 (All the day) and today (16h00 EST). My nickname in vassal is SnifflyChutoy. I will be waiting in the lobby or checking if there is someone when I will be ready today.

Do you have Skype or teamspeak. It will be better if we can chat then writing all the long words. If you dont want i dont force you.

Ok, lets try tonight at 16 EST, please take a look over rules, keep them downloaded, you will need check them surely.

I ve troubles with ports to use voice programs, so better we write.

My nick is Fernando, see you later.

Sweden lost some regiments and their baltic cities to russians hands.

Saxony and Prussia saw the opportunity and joined the axis of evil, but when finally all seems lost, and ukrainan revolt happened plus Karl came until home.

Sweden resists!

So, if u next time can play next monday at about 12:00 EST, it would be like 18 CET if i’m not wrong.

IF finally u can do it at sunday, just tell me someting!


It’s me again. I can play at 16:00 (EST). Are you free this time?

Yes no problem, 20:00PM here, so in 3 hours.

See you!

Few years of war and the swedes forces are mainly back their national territories. Karl was traped in Estland and close to be killed, and some other battles caused a hight cost for russian and swedes people.

Denmark joined the coalition and raised few forces, while UK has an eye on his fleet, but without enter.

Russia sent more forces to Ukraine, where a rebel army is so alone protagonizing a desesperate resistence.

I’m up to continue it tomorrow!