PBEM anybody

I am looking for an opponent to play one of the following games by email.

In no particular order;

The Drive on Metz VPG.
Operation Veritable VPG.
Bastogne MMP.
Unconditional Surrender Case Blue.
Battles of the Bulge: Celles Revolution Games.
The Arduous Beginning VPG.
Battle for Moscow VPG.

If not one of the above I am open to suggestions for similar games as long as they are not too complex.
Is anyone interested.

any interest in any SPI games - Cedar Mtn, Breitenfeld, Crusades, others

BigRIJoe here. I remember you from the late, much lamented, Hexwar. I’d be interested in playing a game of your choice, PBEM. You mentioned Breitenfeld, with is a game I have. Give me a listing of your favorites and we’ll go from there

I am interested in all military WWII-Modern games.


Contact me if you want, buddies :slight_smile:


Opponents invited.

WW3 using any modern games. globalconflictww3.webs.com

Our email conflictww3@gmail.com ask to join or get our player manual. Too large to attach. (10 page PDF)


I am just learning Vassal (but have played wargames a long time) and I would be very interested in
a PBEM game. I prefer SPI but will try others if I can get the rules and module. At the moment I’m
looking at any of the SPI Napoleonics games, but make a suggestion and I’ll see if I’m interested.

– Jim

Hi Jim

Our group is playing World War 3 using modern war games that have a Vassal module.

globalconflictww3.webs.com for information.