PBEM Burma

Folks, I’m looking for an opponent for Burma the campaign game with the Yunan module.

I started a campaign game with someone but they quickly disappeared.

Let me know if you interested.

I’ve played four different OCS titles via vassal so I’ve got a good track history of starting and completing games.

Quick note … I’d prefer someone in the US as I would be interested in doing vassal by skype on occasion to keep the game moving along.

Hey Jeb,
I would like a game of Burma; but it’s been awhile. I’ll need a few days to get reacquainted with the rules (which ones btw, OCS 2.0i came with the game, but since there has been 3.0 and now 4.0?). This is also my first time with Vassal, but I have used Cyberboard in the past. I don’t have Skype set up, but I will work on that too.
I have free time to put into the game, and I promise to finish. I’m located in the US (CST) and my cell is 318-278-4293, email is: dre@rustonvisioncenter.com. Call, text, or email me.
Jimmy Eaton