PBEM cdg.

I have several ongoing games but seems not enough action. Looking for EOTS or B2B opponents, pbem using vassal.

I’d be happy to play you in a PBeM game of B2B. I’ve played about 8 times now and I am not very good but I am getting better. I will whine about my dice. I can do about a card per day with occasional interuptions in that schedule due to kids/work/wife/dogs/mother-in-law/natural disaster…

kdunn@lsassociates dot net

Ok sounds good, I can whine with the best of them myself. Rate of play sounds good, not sure if they are listed in order of importance or occurrance. I have played about a dozen times and am making less mistakes. Shows some improvement I guess. Usually play with vassal but use acts for cards and dice. I have no preference to sides so I’ll let you decide .



Then let’s play and may God have mercy on our dice…

Still room here as several games finished. Otherwise I’ll have to play X-COM!

Hello, have you found a partner to play BtoB or Etos ?
If not, I’m interested in the 2 even though I never played Etos.
PS: I’m French.
BEst regards

Still room to play, i am able to play iether game so if interested send me a pm.