PBEM EFS Crimea, Marne 18 Friedensturm, Caucasus Campaign

Hi all,

I am looking for Pbem opponents for any (or all) of the following games:

Barbarossa Crimea, 1941-1942 (GMT)
Marne 1918 Friedensturm (Hexasim)
The Caucasus Campaign (GMT)

I also recently acquired the following games that I very much want to play but I have not got around to learning the rules yet (but I am nonetheless willing to give them a shot via email):

The Spanish Civil War (GMT)
Normandy 44 (GMT)

I also open to other games (Pbem only as that is the only way I can find time), especially WWI (any) and WW2 (East Front preferred but any OK). In case it matters, I usually turn around files in 24 hours, but I seldom object to a slower pace. If anyone is interested please either reply to this post, PM me, or email me at rickgalli@gmail.com

I would be interested in playing Barbarossa Crimea. I just got the game, however, so I would have to review the rules first. But once I’ve done this I can contact you and we can set up a Vassal game. Sound good?

Sounds Good. Just send me an email when you are ready.