PBeM - La Bataille de Quatre-Bras II

ILooking for anyone interested in playing Quatre-Bras II using the latest Tactiques Napoloen rules and VASSAL module.


I’m going to play next week Quatre Bras and Ligny on same table with other 5 guys. A PBem with you would be nice too.
But we are old grognards and prefer using the old rules.
Are the old rules still fine for you?


Hello Roberto,
By old rules you probably mean the La Bat rules from the box correct? I haven’t used those rules for many years as they weren’t quite for me so will take a pass.
Thank you for your response. Quatre-Bras/Ligny sounds great! How will you handle d’Erlon?

Best of luck with your FtF game.


Yes, old rules are the so-called “third edition” present in the box.
We don’t use d’Erlon and we let him free spending the afternoon in the Belgian countryside.

I am an old french fan of Les batailles series games but don’t play them from the time where battleground then HPS appear. And I don’t like regulations rules, an interactive system, since I play only via cyberboard or vassal. Too much mail exchanges.
I have downloaded your rules and modules, begin to read them and I wish to try them but I don’t have occasion to meet somebody who was interested.
So if you are looking for an opponent on Quatre Bras, I am OK. Playing will urge me to read more faster.