PBEM No Retreat

Looking for a PBEM opponent for No Retreat. I’m new to PBEM using Vassal, but not to the game.

My experience is the converse to yours. I’ve played games live and pbem via Vassal but do not own nor have played No Retreat. However, I’ve installed the module and have the rules, etc, as pdf files and have an idea of the basics involved.
I wouldn’t mind starting a pbem game in order to better learn the game system — I’m not a complete newbie but have played much more tactical wargames, as against strategic/operational ones.
Let me know if you’re still interested.
Regards, Martin
PS: I’m in SWFrance

Hi there,
“No Retreat” (GMT) is a fantastic game and you can play it online using Vassal and Skype without any problems.

But I think that it is not the right game to pbem because of the cards.
You always have to ask your opponent after each step if he wants to play any card. :frowning: