PBEM opponents

Am lacking a few match-ups;

Guns of Gettysburg-just learning ,one game started so far
For The People-medium player, game started in Acts awaiting opponent
Empire of the Sun- medium player- go any time
Twilight Struggle-medium player

Play all by email. Usually with Acts and vassal of course.

I would be interested if you (or anyone else) are still interested in finding a PBEM opponent.

I am familiar with Twilight Struggle and am willing to learn most others.

You can most easily contact me via email at gamer42_au@yahoo.com

Hello Juneo. I am down for all, but am new to everything but TS. I am not sure what ACTS is but I usually play vassal with logfiles.


If you gentlemen wish to just play the TS games feel free to send a set-up . The use of ACTS not necessary.

If anyone is still looking for an opponent for Guns of Gettysburg I am looking for a PBEm game