"Peek" after Send to Location

I have a setup where a place-holder marker can “draw” a piece from a deck and unmask it.

I want to be able to draw the piece and “peek” at it but I can’t get this to work. Is it because the piece is “unselected” after being sent to a location? If so it would explain why I am still seeing my report action for peek without seeing the piece actually get peeked at. Is there a way to make the piece “reselected” after being sent to a location?

I know there is an issue with peek and ownership, but I’ve taken care of this with a work around from Merchant of Venus (basically having the unit unmasked/re-masked in a trigger before doing the peek action).

So is there a way to re-select the piece and peek after being sent to a location?

Thanks you guys have been really helpful!