Peer-to-peer over LAN

I’ve been trying to cobble together how to do this from bits of info scattered around the internet, but I still can’t get it to work. I’m trying to set up a Warmaching/Hordes game over my LAN (i.e. behind my router), since I live in Korea and the connection to the vassal serve is lousy. I’ve yet to have either computer receive an invite, no matter what combination of IP/port I put in. Both boxes are set to P2P, and both have started offline games. What am I missing?

Start °online* games?

I’ve done this successfully many times, at least with 2-person games:

  1. Set both clients to P2P.
  2. Open the game, choose ‘Look for a game online’ in the wizard.
  3. Use the ‘Invite Players’ button on computer A to obtain an IP address and port. It looks like in 3.1.19 this is now your public IP - previously I recall it displaying your private IP.
  4. Use the ‘Invite Players’ button on the other computer B and enter the IP/port obtained in step 3.
  5. Create a room, start a game, synchronize.


Even with P2P it still connects to the VASSAL server. At least when initially going online in P2P mode.

Interesting, but at a cursory glance it only seems to make some basic HTTP requests, and it doesn’t seem to mind much if it never gets a response from the server. So, is that a problem?

Problem with this: since we’re behind a router, we have the same IP/port…

Use your LAN ip that you get from your router.

I don’t know.

Where do I get a port number?

The port number is still 5050. So look up the local IP address in Network Connections for computer B. For example Then on computer A invite computer B with “”.

That worked! Thank you so much!