I’ve just uploaded a module for the game I’m designing. After plenty of play testing in my private group, we are ready to release the Vassal module for public play.

Perfidia is a card game for two players. One player will play as the Kingdom, and the other is known as Traitor. The game is centered around eight characters, two of which are chosen secretly by the Traitor player. Victory requires clever card management and use of characters, as well as deductive and bluffing skills to predict the traitors!

The game is a work in progress and eventually will be published as a free print-and-play game, with a “Deluxe” version with extra features available through The Game Crafter. Please feel free to use the module however you like, but if you enjoy the game or have any specific complaints or feedback, please let me know! My e-mail is and all feedback is appreciated. … ule_id=851