Performance difference between GKC and GHK

I’m curious if anyone knows the (general) difference in performance between a Global Key Command (GKC) and a Global Hotkey (GHK)? There seem to be a lot of tasks that can be accomplished either way, and I’m wondering if one is better to use than the other (especially with the new Fast Match option for GKCs in 3.5)…

For example, if I want to alter a Global Property (GP), I can either trigger a GKC to trigger a Set Global Property trait on a piece, or I could attach a GHK to the GP itself, and trigger the GHK. Is one noticeably faster than the other?

“attach a GHK to the GP itself” … how would you do this ? The only way I can think of is to do it via a GKC, as the GP itself has no hotkey field, does it ?


The “Change-property Toolbar Button” you can add to a GP can have a Hotkey assigned to it.

Ah! Thank you, I hadn’t thought of that.

Sorry, my original post was worded a bit poorly; I should have said “attach a hotkey to a Change-property Toolbar Button on the GP, and trigger it with a GHK”, rather than “attach a GHK to the GP itself[…]”.