Periodic disconnections to VASSAL Server

Hi. I wonder if anyone is experiencing disconnections from the server every few minutes during a live game. I do livestream games and its becoming increasingly annoying. Happens on 3.6.19 and also 3.7 Beta4. I have an old copy of 3.2.17 and it doesn’t happen on that. It happens on any module. I have reinstalled several times including Java.

Windows 11 Home 2H22 v22621.1992
Java 8 update 381 build 1.8.0_381_b09

There is no point in reinstalling Java, or installing Java for Vassal later than 3.2.17 at all on Windows. Every version from 3.3.0 onward comes bundled with its own copy of Java on Windows.

There is also no point in reinstalling Vassal. If Vassal runs and you’re not getting errors indicating missing or corrupt files, reinstalling won’t have any effect because you already have a sound installation.

If you’re on a VPN which hops IP addresses while you’re connected (which is rare these days, because it fouls sessions), that could cause disconnections.

You could post an errorLog from a run where the problem happens.

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Thanks for your reply. I think I have found the culprit with your suggestions. I had a VPN client loaded but not active in the background. If I shut down the client, the disconnection seems to stop happening.

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