Persistent bug (losing connetion after some idle time)

Hi all,

I am reaching out because I got stuck into a serious VASSAL problem that keeps me (and others) from enjoying playing.

I reported this problem to the forum way back in Oct/2016 (Lost connection to server error: viewtopic.php?f=3&t=9485)

General description of the problem: during a game the connection to the server is lost on my side; probably related to inactivity of max 5 min approx. Only workaround is a kind of poor man’s keep-alive feature by toggling buttons, chatting etc (annoying).

At that time it was considered not a VASSAL client/server problem and must be an ISP/router/connection issue, because it could not be reproduced elsewhere (and I assume the majority of players do not have this issue).

I believe that is true, but there must also be a link with the VASSAL codebase, because:

  • others Apps (Skype, VPN, online gaming, etc. do not suffer from the same issue while using same infrastructure here at my home)
  • there are several posts and 10’s of users experiencing same issues (latest posts from Dec 2018)
  • issue not related to wifi/fixed line or MacOS/Win (tested this here at home).

I understand that without capability to reproduce bug fixing is kind of looking for a needle in a haystack; but so is trying to solve this issue from my perspective without having some in-depth VASSAL knowledge and support.

My request to you: can you help/assist here? I and my teammate are not without IT skills so communication/debugging etc should be possible.

Where do I start?

Regards, John Staal

Note for anyone seeing this later: As of 3.3.0, the client sends periodic keep-alive messages to the server, so disconnections due to inactivity should no longer happen.