Picking through the discard pile

I’m working on a module for a game where players are regularly able to dig through the discard piles of various decks, and pick out the cards they want. It seems like the two options for discard piles are doing them as a deck or as a stack. If I do them as decks, then players can use the “Select Multiple Cards” option, but that only tells them the name of the card, it doesn’t tell them anything more about it. If I do them as stacks, then they can see the whole card, but if the stack gets too full, then only some of the cards in the stack will show up (on my screen, it only shows five cards per stack, for the cards that are in landscape format). Right now, the best I’ve come up with is just having two discard stacks for each deck, so that when one gets to the point where it’s reached the maximum that all cards will show up when you hover over the stack, then players can start discarding into the other pile. But that’s just kind of a cursory workaround. Does anyone know of any better ideas for how to handle discard piles that players can look through?